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Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Are you – or someone you know – noticing that as you get older, you can’t remember like you used to? Or that it takes longer to perform mental tasks? You are not alone.

Cognitive decline is a natural process where mental processes including working memory, visual attention, and reasoning – decline over time. Although cognitive decline can begin as early as age 30, most people begin to notice significant symptoms once they turn 50 years old. And unfortunately there is no known pharmaceutical or other medical solution to reverse or even slow the rate of age-related cognitive decline. Until now.

The Science Behind Intellihat®

Intellihat®’s was invented by leading physicians and scientists affiliated with Harvard Medical School and other leading institutions. The technology inside of Intellihat was first developed over decades ago and has been used in hospitals and clinics for treatment of serious diseases including Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Our founders’ insight was that this same technology could be miniaturized into a lightweight, unobtrusive format that could be used by people in their homes or while out and about.